My Anime Playlist

Well, I couldn’t think of anything else, and then I had an idea! So, here’s my anime playlist. (That just means anime music I like.) (But it’s not just music.)

Listen to if you’ve seen Yu-Gi-Oh and are looking for a new husbando. (And don’t worry, he’s an adult) (Yes I did leave it vague on purpose) (Yes he is MY husbando) (Okay, I’m done now.) (Or am i?) (Yes, I am.)

Listen to if you like Haikyuu! and want something to exercise to.

Watch if you like My Hero Academia and want a good laugh.

Watch if you’re a rocket shipper like me. Because really, Jessie and James are amazing together.

Watch if you wonder just how many times Naruto says his catchphrase.

Listen to for a version of “Raising Fighting Spirit” that’s arguably better than the original, but listen to if you still think the original is better.

Try if you want some music from various anime’s to help you study and relax. Works great for me!

Listen to if you’re tired of turning on Seven Deadly Sins just to replay the intro over and over ‘cause it’s so GODDAMN GOSHDANG GOOD!

…And maybe check out if you think SDS’s endings are the ones that really take the cake.

And now I realize this article will be a little short if I end it here, so here’s a few of my favorite anime YouTubers as well.

Check out for a few chads talking about and ranking stuff. They tend to talk about stuff like Fate and One Piece a lot. (Or, y’know, just listen to their podcast on an actual podcast app)

Look at for some of the best nightcore ever. More specifically, here’s my favorite video:

Start watching if you’re into horror. He also talks about stuff like The Simpsons and sometimes even live-action stuff. He terrifies me, but I’m also pretty much a scaredy cat.

If you haven’t already seen this dude, is pretty cool. I don’t agree with everything he says, but most of it. He’s definitely worth watching. He’s suuuuuuper controversial on YouTube for some reason…. idk why….

So, that’s about it. Please follow me if you haven’t already, I’m planning to do a anime tier list for 20 followers! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all next time.

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