A thank you for 20 followers! (And what do I watch anime ON???)

Oh. My. God.
It’s here.

Actually. Fucking. Here. TWENTY FUCKING FOLLOWERS!!!!
Thank you all so much. I can’t possibly demonstrate how much this means to me. This blog’s come so far, and this is only the beginning. As I write this, it’s early Friday morning- by the time it’s published, maybe I’ll have more!
But y’all know I’m not good at long thanking speeches. So I decided to combine this with an article idea I’ve had on my mind for a while. What exactly does everyone’s favorite queer otaku watch anime on, exactly? Today I’m going to tell you, in no particular order.


Anyone who’s a sucker for retro anime is in luck. Because that’s what this platform is all about! RC is simple and easy to use with a great selection of free anime. You can make an account but it’s completely optional, as everything on it is free anyway. I really don’t know what else to say. It’s also got a search bar and a die roll if you’re looking for something more random.


With a quick type of “animelon.com”, you’re off, to an experience that helps anyone from a curious newb to a seasoned master of the language learn or touch up on their Japanese while watching anime! Basically, this site allows you to use a multitude of subtitles, from English to romaji to full on characters. I’m currently learning Japanese, and this place is really awesome. In all my days of hunting down good services, very few people mention this awesome site in articles or general convo. It’s cool for general watching too, ‘cause all you have to do is keep only the English subs on and it’s just like any other service.


VRV is so fucking amazing. I spent so much time wading through sketchy sites and strange reviews before finally stumbling upon this anime TREASURE TROVE. It’s got MHA, it’s got Haikyuu, it’s got almost any anime you can think of! It’s also free. Same with RC, making an account is optional. There’s a few ads, for example with an episode of Food wars! there’s about 3 ad breaks per episode. If you get an acc, you can pay money for this “premium” thingy that skips all the ads and unlocks all the anime on the site. But I’ve never used premium and I still love this thing. And you’re thinking this must have a downside, right? Yeah, the ads REALLY glitch up the whole thing. But I’d say it’s worth it.


Among tons of awesome live action stuff, this service/site has… anime! Jojo’s, Naruto, Yu Yu, Hakusho, and newer stuff like… well honestly idk. Like, I have no idea what’s popular right now. Cowboy Bebop? Samurai Pizza Cats? Probably not, but it has those too. It also has Soul Eater Not! and Sukisho!, so if you want to follow along with my blog it’s easy to find titles I review. (Probably, because, y’know, I watch ‘em on Tubi…)
Oh yeah, and it’s free. Seeing a pattern here?


Yup, the classic. What can I say? I mean, technically this is free for me too, because I live with my wonderful parents (thanks, Mom!). But even if you have to pay for Netflix, it’s still worth it. With Pokémon… Naruto… Jojo’s… hang on, didn’t we already have something like this?
Most Netflix anime is already on other sites here, like Tubi and VRV. But unless you have so much faith in me you’re gonna devote your watching to all the services I use, Netflix is great to have around. It also has Kakegurui, so you can watch along with my episodic reviews!

This was a fun post. And now you’re probably wondering, why not Crunchyroll? Or Hulu? Well, one simple reason.
Money. I like money, I also like anime. Watching Crunchyroll means you have more anime and less money. Watching free sites means you have more anime and the same amount of money!
Woot woot!
Thanks for reading this, my Queers. Ooh, I like that. You’re all my Queers now. Hehe. Anyway, see y’all next time.

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