Top Ten Pieces Of Revolutionary Girl Utena Merch For The Otaku In Your Life (which might be you)

Yup, it’s another RGU post.
‘Aight, guys, it’s the gift-getting season. So I’ve decided to make a list of my Top ten pieces of RGU merch. Let’s go!

Number ten: Take My Revolution mug

This mug is coffee cool. Okay, that was a terrible pun. But you get my point! I love the artwork soooo much, and apparently TeePublic has a sale right now. (Right now being as I type this…) Plus, I’ll bet your eggnog’ll taste even better. Everything does when it’s anime themed!


Number nine: Utena water bottle

Need to be on-the-go? Honestly, you probably don’t… but you can still prepare for coming out of your house in 3-10000 months with this super-cool Utena water bottle!

She. Is. So. Amazing.

Number eight: RGU Face Mask

Speaking of quarantine, are you getting tired of wearing a basic blue disposable mask? Well then, this mask with Anthy and Utena on it might be the thing for you! (Also, why are you even still wearing the blue ones when there’s stuff like this out there?!?!?)


Number seven: Sword Lesbians t-shirt

As we know, T-Shirts with prideful declarations on them are infinitely better than ones without. Which is why this t-shirt is awesome! (It’s even better if the person wearing it is a lesbian.) Also, we’ve got an awesome buff Utena pic, which is a definite plus.


Number six: RGU Notebook

Want more shippy-looking Anthy and Utena stuff? Like chibi? Then maybe you’d enjoy this awesome notebook! Oooh, I’ll bet you could draw awesome fan-art in here!


Number five: Utena poster

This awesome poster features Anthy and Chu-Chu being awesome! I can’t believe how cute Chu-Chu is! Actually, Anthy’s pretty cute too.

She really is awesome.

Number four: RGU throw pillow

Need something new to spice up your life? Getting tired of staring at the same old walls in between anime binges?
(Because let’s be honest, this life of a quarantined otaku is eating, sleeping, work, and anime binges.) Anyway, if so, this pillow is the one for you!

I love this design SO much!! I can totally see myself relaxing on this after a long day.

Number three: Rose T-shirt

So, wanna wear fandom merch, but covertly? Then this rose t-shirt is perfect for you! Even if you don’t wanna be covert, the rose design is awesome and straight-from-the-show.


Number two: Do you know? pullover hoodie

Remember the creepy puppeteer girls? Well, here’s a sweatshirt with them on it! This gift is perfect for snowy November weather. Or technically December, I guess…

I just love the design so much! Finally, a gift of clothes worth being excited for.

And finally… Number one: Revolution phone case

This is my favorite item on the list!!! From the awesome font and message… to the design… to everything else about it! It’s just a really, really awesome gift.


Well, that concludes my list. I hope you enjoyed, my Queers. I know I did. Have any other awesome RGU merch gift ideas? Just drop ‘em in the comments, and I’ll see y’all next time.

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